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  • Shenzhen General Systems Co., Limited is the global leading Manufacturer of X-ray security screening systems, Explosives & Narcotics Detection, Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems, Automatic Bollards, Road Blockers, Turnstiles, barrier gates, Walk-through Metal Detectors, parking guidance systems, parking management systems etc. with ohttp://www.barrierbollard.com/
    About us
    Yueqing KSS electrical connection Co. Ltd. is a set design, development, and production of cold pressed terminal and connector (or terminal) of the manufacturing enterprises. Product quality has reached the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries of advanced industrial technology standards. The http://www.kss-terminals.com/
    Iron Separators is used to eliminate the powder or massive waste iron from the nonmagnetic material. The inner adopts the special resin to cast with wholly sealed structure. It features with deep revealed magnetic depth, strong magnetic force, dust-protection and rain-protection, erosion wearing and so on. It can be operated in the harsh environment.

    Die cast aluminum Rectangle Grill plate
    Production Brief:
    Die cast aluminum Rectangle Grill plate, Die cast aluminum pan body, Nonstick coating inside of pan. CD bottom & Induction bottom, Dia: 45X26X2.3CM , color box packing. It Can be Customized customer logo and gift box.

    Aluminum Die Cast Grill Pan
    Our History
    PROsmart Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and trade in high-quality electric warm technology supplies based enterprises groups. PROsmart was established in 2010, has a wealth of research experience, excellent geographical production resources, a strong production technology andhttp://www.heatedgarment.com/
    Air Spare Cylinder:
    Carbon fiber composite cylinder, its liner made of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, carbon fiber wrapped around the middle, the surface layer of glass fiber package. Bottle thread of M18 × 1.5, cylinder valve outlet thread of G5 / 8.
    It is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy liner and fully wrapped carbon fiber composite
    Our History
    Guangzhou Know Me craft Co.,Ltd, the first company to set foot in the production of DIY handmade creative micro scenes in China, has focused on top quality DIY doll house and children toys for over 10 years. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the DIY handmade creative toys industry in China.
    Today, our chttp://www.dollhousesmini.com/
    Our History
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